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Sun Ghost: vote for us for KWSS 106.7's TMI Top 5!

Voting's easy. You just need to go HERE on Facebook (, LIKE their page, and then just write our band name on their wall. That's all it takes to vote.

To see the actual contest page and to listen to our track that is up, go to and listen to us as well as all the other local bands up there. There is some great music, this is a great resource to hear all the locals you've heard about but haven't made it to see live. If you have a soundcloud account, add our song to your favorites, as that counts for votes as well.

Thanks so much to all of you who have voted already, and thank you to Beef Vegan and the rest of The Morning Infidelity radio show on 106.7FM for allowing us to get our music out into the public airwaves.

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