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Sometimes I have so much fun I forget about everything

Here's a flyer for the show next week. All the info is there, just like a flyer should be. I do have to point out that the artwork on it is courtesy of If you ever want to see the most honest and adorable stick-figure drawings, go waste a couple hours there - it's awesome. People send the artist randomly thought-of sentences and he uses them as the inspiration and title of the resulting picture. This particular one is called "sometimes i have so much fun i forget about everything" and the original can be seen here.

So, back to rock and roll. Drew Grow & the Pastors Wives are coming down from the Pacific Northwest to grace us with their solid songwriting prowess. By all accounts, these guys are great live. Typecast had this to say regarding their style: "Think Black Keys and Bon Iver with a dash of White Stripes and a secret ingredient." I don't know about all that - they're much more original and heartfelt than any comparison would really justify. Take a listen to one of my recent favorites, "Friendly Fire" from their most recent album. The whole album can be heard legally streaming from The Facebook event for the show is HERE.

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