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Yab Yum Music awards Sun Ghost "Best Summer Pop Song"

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A little while back, Yab Yum Music wrote THIS REALLY AWESOME REVIEW of our album Love, Hurt & Paradox. We carried on our merry little way, feeling all warm and fuzzy inside that music critics had been writing some really great things about the album. We innovated and began recording a bunch of new songs for the next record. The first one we finished was "La Di Da," our organ anthem made a favorite by our Thomas/Moog organ's awesomely weird sounds.

Well, at the beginning of the summer, was soliciting submissions for their contest to find the best summer pop song to beat the Arizona heated summer. We sent in our track and it won!

So, take this as an early, exclusive preview of the album on which we're now working.. and tell Yab Yum thanks for featuring our music!

And balls, while you're at it, listen to Peachcake, Boys & Frogs, and Nowhere Man & A Whiskey Girl, because they are mentioned on the page and all those bands are fantastic. Arizona is such a great place to be playing music.


Thank you!

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