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Don't Get Sad, Get Down

Cripes, it's been a busy summer for us. We've been doing a lot of writing and recording - to the point where if you haven't caught a live show since the release of our debut album earlier this year, you may not recognize us if you heard us now. Our second album is well in the works with a good chunk of the recording done. One thing we can say so far is that we are really proud of what we've pulled out this time.
Love, Hurt & Paradox was generally a half-hour-long frustrated audio love letter. For this album, we've tuned into more substantial matters of human society and philosophy, along with adjusting the way we write music. You will hear keyboard in every song - in fact, most of the songs are mainly driven by keyboard parts. We tapped deeper into our own personal influences which, assembled as one sound, resulted in something we feel is both unique and high quality.

If you've not joined us at a show around town, please consider coming out. We'd love to spend time around as many like-minded people as possible. We love to play, and that's it.

Other than recording, we've spent the summer acquiring and fixing our new friend, Vincent Van Ghost, which will make its maiden voyage across state lines this weekend on our trip to play in LA. Decorations are sure to adorn the outer surfaces in no time - do you have any ideas?

Follow more closely by subscribing to our RSS feed to be notified of new posts.. we will keep all our shows current through this website, usually with links to appropriate Facebook event pages and whatnot. Please, let's keep on this adventure together!

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