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We will be joining the protesters in solidarity with those occupying NY's Wall Street, in Phoenix, AZ at Cesar Chavez Plaza tomorrow.

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Regarding this protest, we take no partisan stance. Our politics within the group differ, but we do recognize one common theme in all of these "unfocused" protests happening: a broken system. If the protests appear to be unfocused, it may be reason to dismiss them. But the fact of the matter is that the protests have done nothing but increase in numbers, spread geographically (across the globe, actually), and gain intensity. This causes one to step back and wonder. Sure, there are hippies having drum circles. Yes, there are overly-ambitious activists demanding their student loans be forgiven. All this means, combined with the actual good points that are being made, is that people are simply recognizing the true state of things.

The true state of things is that while the government exists to serve and protect the people, they have been centered on serving and protecting primarily the richest people. They have made laws and policies according to the desires of those who pour the most money into their pockets. This leaves the rest of us (the 99%, as the protesters are calling us) with an disproportionately lower number of opportunities to do much of anything besides live paycheck to paycheck and watch our economy twirl into potential depression. Those of us that are fortunate enough to have jobs, that is.

We're not opposed to capitalism; nor are we opposed to the existence of corporations. We are simply opposed to the scope of influence that corporations have on government. It has paralyzed our country. Occupy Phoenix is our chance to communicate ourselves in solidarity with everyone else who has recognized this problem. If you feel as strongly as we do, please join us at Cesar Chavez Park and let's go make a difference about something in this effed up world. K?

Leaving you with our tribute to Arizona politics song:

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