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The Phoenix New Times found our newly-released song, "La Di Da," and decided to say some things about it. PNT music editor Jason Woodbury sat down with the host of Tempe's weekly country night at Yucca Tap Room, DJ Dana, to talk about some local music. They sat down, listened to songs by Courtney Marie Andrews, Source Victoria, and your very own Sun Ghost, talked about them, and published their conversation. We just wanted to share with you what they had to say about us:

La Di Da by Sun Ghost

(HERE is the link to the full article)

DJ Dana: It's definitely Beatles-inspired. It was interesting, because it's like the pop-era Beatles mixed with the mid-range Beatles. It had some of that Paul McCartney thing -- of putting, like, eight songs into one song. Like "Band on the Run." I liked it. I like anything that seems like it's over 30 years old [laughs].

NewTimes: I've been listening to the Beach Boys Smile record a lot, and I feel like these guys have also been listening to it. The vocal harmonies are great -- even though it's a demo, and there are some rough parts. I loved the "He went to college, she went to church" line. Just loved that lyric. It sounds so evocative.

DJD: When I hear that, I just think "Beatles." I really admire the amount of work that went into it. Instead of just the monotone drone-y rock thing [mimes strumming], they put a lot of effort into it.

NT: There's actually an arrangement. You don't hear it very often, but a lot of my favorite stuff doesn't go for arrangements. I like three-chord pop songs.

DJD: Country, too. It's pretty straightforward. But, something like this is really refreshing to hear. Have you ever heard Ryan Taverna and The Threads? It's very similar. That's exactly what it reminds me of.

NT: It reminded me a lot of a group called Dr. Dog. I don't know if you've heard them at all. Had some of the same sort of . . . like . . . sort of featuring one of those discordant, chromatic piano climbs . . . [laughs]. It's a great song. I spent a lot of time interviewing the songwriter, Trevor Denton, for this thing I did about Ron Paul. I feel like it's a little bit of a shame that I spent time talking with those guys, and we talked about their music so little. After listening to this, I feel like I should have talked with about his band more. It's not like I can't, I guess. They haven't moved away or anything.

DJD: I think people like to hear upbeat stuff like this. Poppy, but not in a stupid way, like American Idol or Britney Spears. There's some depth and substance.

NT: Classic.

DJD: Yeah, that's the word.

NT: You just like it because it sounds like it's over 30 years old. [Laughs] Did you see the last Woody Allen movie, Midnight in Paris?

DJD: No, not yet.

NT: It kind of warns of about the dangers of permanent nostalgia.

DJD: Uh-oh [laughs]

NT: To some degree, Woody Allen is making fun of himself, but sitting in the theater, I was like, "Oh, no, that's me," in regard to different eras of music.

DJD: Me, too, but that's a whole genre now: "Nostalgia." Everything is obviously influenced by older things, but I tend to go back to the originals. Clothes, furniture. I don't want to just get something that "looks cool," I want the original. That's how I am with music, but if it's a good rendition, then I'll like it. I'm eclectic, but if it sounds pretty close to the real thing, chances are I'm going to like it.

 Sun Ghost is scheduled to perform Saturday, November 12, at The Fixx in Tempe.

Thank you, Dana and Jason, for the kind words!

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