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Love, Hurt & Paradox: album cover art

Sun Ghost ~ Love, Hurt & Paradox

Artwork by Dillon Vessels

As we're doing the final touches on the album, we expect to have it out within a month. We will be releasing the album digitally through and it will be an easy download. At shows, we will distribute download cards. It's simple. You just take it home, get online, enter the code and you've got the album/artwork in your iTunes (or wherever).

Here is the tracklist:
  1. The Photo Radar Blues
  2. Jump Into the Lake
  3. Cooper's Song
  4. Can't Love You
  5. 1.21 Jigawatts
  6. My Favorite Theoretical Person
  7. What Aren't You Telling Me?
  8. Tornado, Tornado
  9. Blind and Happy
Good times. Stay tuned for an official release date in the coming two weeks..