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We're Having the Last Year of Our Lives

Mergence & Sun Ghost - January 20th @ Teakwood's (28th St and Indian School)
Happy new year! Although we've returned to the same point in the solar system as we were when we began the previous year, we've got so many new things going on this time around, it's silly.

First, and with a sad face, I must announce the departure of Chris Gerber from Sun Ghost. He remains one of our best friends - he simply wants to take his musical efforts in other directions. There are no hard feelings. We're just accepting the change as every other change we've gone through before. Which means we'll be carrying on as seamlessly as we're capable of doing. So, goodbye Chris, and hello to whatever happens next!

With Chris gone (and since he's already contributed his tracks to the new album), the rest of the band will be focusing on finishing the record rather than playing lots of shows. We have made a habit out of playing frequently, so we are going to tone down the live shows in the interest of bringing to pass the release of our second album, Glitter, Guns & Gold.

Chris will be playing his last show with us on January 20th. We'll join our friends and local rock geniuses Mergence for a free show at Teakwood's. Click here to be taken to the FB event page.

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