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Philosoraptor Say, Never Pay Full Price For Late Pizza

What up, dudes. 
Crazy damn week. Crazy damn month. But we're loving it. If only we weren't so busy - but hey, we're busy mostly with things we like, so we can't complain.

I'm going with a different font today. But what I really came here to tell you that we're playing at the Rogue Bar this very evening with some of Arizona's finest indie bands: Future Loves Past, Japhy's Descent and Flamingo. It's a Friday, the Rogue is always fun, so you might as well get there, right?

Well, also, I wanted to tell you about the SXSW tour kick-off show on Sunday, March 11th. All 14 Arizona bands going to SXSW in Austin, TX, will be playing a big show at 910 Live in Tempe to usher in the journey. Bands playing:

Sister Cities
Dead Wildlife
Doctor Bones
Future Loves Past
The Go Reflex
Snake! Snake! Snakes!
Japhy’s Descent
Sun Ghost

Click HERE to get to the FB event page. And you can visit to listen to any one of those bands' music streaming directly from the site.

P.S. - That's right, The Go Reflex is on there.

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