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And it came to pass that we entered the corridor of time (consisting of about two weeks) in which we will go into final preparations for our South By Southwest trip. Austin's a pretty solid drive, and gas is on the perpetual uphill slope, so we're making sure we have everything we need to not get stranded.

16 March 2012, 12pm - 12am, HOLE IN THE WALL, Austin, TX
This is the flyer for the showcase that Echo Cloud is putting on in Austin for SxSw. 

The point of the showcase is to jostle the national alternative art media's attention towards Arizona. I think most people who live here and regularly go to see live original rock music know that this metro area is brimming with talent. We've played with some inexplicably great bands from around here, and I think that there are enough of us who feel that way that we deserve to show the rest of the country that Arizona is capable of becoming the next new alternative music hub. With Crescent Ballroom, Foundry, and other places opening, we have the means to host more and better touring shows. With a station like 106.7 KWSS giving so much airtime to local music is only helping things. Music has never been quite this exciting in the Phoenix area, in my opinion.

Anyways, we're playing with a bunch of fantastic bands in Tempe on March 11th to kick off the tour to SxSw, which includes dates in San Antonio and El Paso, and I think you should come. Longtime local legends The Go Reflex will be joining us, and it's only $5. It might be your last chance for a deal so good.

Love all around!


Philosoraptor Say, Never Pay Full Price For Late Pizza

What up, dudes. 
Crazy damn week. Crazy damn month. But we're loving it. If only we weren't so busy - but hey, we're busy mostly with things we like, so we can't complain.

I'm going with a different font today. But what I really came here to tell you that we're playing at the Rogue Bar this very evening with some of Arizona's finest indie bands: Future Loves Past, Japhy's Descent and Flamingo. It's a Friday, the Rogue is always fun, so you might as well get there, right?

Well, also, I wanted to tell you about the SXSW tour kick-off show on Sunday, March 11th. All 14 Arizona bands going to SXSW in Austin, TX, will be playing a big show at 910 Live in Tempe to usher in the journey. Bands playing:

Sister Cities
Dead Wildlife
Doctor Bones
Future Loves Past
The Go Reflex
Snake! Snake! Snakes!
Japhy’s Descent
Sun Ghost

Click HERE to get to the FB event page. And you can visit to listen to any one of those bands' music streaming directly from the site.

P.S. - That's right, The Go Reflex is on there.


Buffalo the Cat was a Flower House kid

Hey everyone, we've posted a new track from the album we're currently recording - it'll only be up for a limited time, so download it now!

We're playing tonight at the Rogue with Dry River Yacht Club, Sister Cities and Doctor Bones and looking very foward to it. A big thank you to Echo Cloud Productions for their hard work in helping all us bands in getting to Austin for SXSW.

Let's make Phoenix something work talking about!