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Kurt Makes More Homemade Flyers

We love the drawings of this man, our friend Kurt.

May 14th @ Yucca Tap Room - The Donkeys, Sun Ghost, Young Mothers and Danger Paul, with DJ Babynose spinning between sets - FREE SHOW


The Moon is After Us!

Such awesome stuff on the horizon over the next 30 days. At the end of it, we'll see the moon back where we see it now, but we'll all be different people, and the moon will be the same.

The next two weeks: recording like maniacs. We are giving the songs we already have recorded a once-over, polishing them up and, in some cases, totally redoing certain parts. We won't apologize for how long it's taking because we're honestly trying to put out the best record we can. But just as a reference, our first album was released still less than a year ago - give us a break!

Thursday, April 26 --> @ TEMPE IMPROV w/ Doctor Bones

Saturday, April 28 --> @ SAIL INN w/ Japhy's Descent (it's the second of two release shows for their double album Moon/Noon)

Monday, May 14 --> @ YUCCA TAP ROOM w/ The Donkeys, Young Mothers, and Danger Paul

These are all things we are really excited about, so please come join us for at least one of them!