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I am hijacking the rebel spirit of to continue a writing outlet that, when not utilized, can cause emotional hemorrhages throughout the whole of my being.

The other former members of Sun Ghost cannot be blamed for the things said in this webspace. I've paid for the domain name since the beginning and will continue to, so I'm going to keep it active. Words are always trying to pour out of me (except in normal social conversation), so consider this resurrected blog a pot placed under a leaky roof to catch all the rogue drips that make it through. Whether music, writing, speaking, or whatever else, it'll be here.

Anyways, there's a totes hip band in Florida now called sunghosts so there's that. Fingers crossed they blow up big time and their record company wants to buy the domain for a couple grand.


See you soon!


I'm Bradley Manning

The Bradley Manning case was not my ideal situation. To me, Edward Snowden is much more of an "ideal" type of whistleblower: his leak was controlled, focused, and well-planned--while Manning sort of just did an indiscriminate mass dump of confidential military files to Wikileaks. Because of my general opposition to war, leaking military files is whatever. But it does give his opponents enough legal ground to stand on to legitimately convict him.

However, he did what he did, and as a result the United States military was exposed for practicing war crimes. And, as his verdict this week confirmed, an enemy was not aided. Thankfully there was no violent fallout, no tragic consequence of the mass file dump. If there had been, Manning would have surely received the death penalty and the situation would be that much more complicated.

I disagree somewhat with the way Bradley Manning went about his leak, but I disagree WAY MORE with the way he was vilified, imprisoned, and tortured by our gov't for trying to act on his conscience. They've done more to hurt free speech in America than Manning ever did to hurt anyone at all.




Here's a video taken by Kingfathand, our show-mates from the weekend. Thanks for the video! You should follow their YouTube channel, it's pretty damn good.

And don't forget, we're back at the Rogue Bar this weekend with our brother band The Deer Leader, releasing their first record!


Turkish Defiance: 2-June-2013

Over the weekend, Turkey has been in a state of violent unrest. Early peaceful protesters were retaliated against by the Turkish government with unnecessary violence. This seemed to be the last straw for many of the Turkish people. Protesters, branding the honored name of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of modern day Turkey, who formed the modern, secular, cultured European nation with a large emphasis on good education--all amidst broken pieces of the Ottoman Empire. The protesters complain that the current Prime Minister Tayyib Ergodan is unravelling the principles upon which Turkey was founded. They have showed up in Istanbul and cities across the country to speak out against what they say has been an increasingly authoritarian rule. Among their grievances are: heavy-handed police forces (using tear gas bombs, pepper spray and water cannons against peaceful protesters), pushing Islam as a state religion, operating a state-controlled media, and practicing a paternalistic, non-inclusive form of democracy over a free Turkish people.

It seems that the unrest had been simmering for quite some time, because the protests began as a peaceful sit-in of just a handful of people who were speaking against the destruction of a historic park in the nation's capital. Instead of allowing people to peacefully demonstrate their opinions against Ergodan's policies as a successful democracy might, the state went immediately to brute force and violence to clear the protesters from the public park.

These early protesters, before being sprayed, beaten, and their tents lit on fire, were seen offering some of the security officers pizza to eat.

The next picture from the event was a woman standing alone, unarmed, and non-aggressive, yet enduring a heavy stream of peppers spray directly to her face.

THREE days later, the streets of Istanbul and other Turkish cities still swarm with thousands of angry protesters demanding democratic justice and a return to a more Atatürkian path of governance. But the police violence against the people has not let up. At least one person is dead and hundreds have been injured, as well as a thousand detained.

Ergodan continues to deny the significance of the protests with a dismissal that will likely prolong the violence until he is forced to address it. Many Turks whose information channels are limited to state-run television media have not seen a single word reported about this massive uprising.

I know we're just an American rock band, but this is a huge injustice happening on the other side of world, and if we have any platform at all on which to spread awareness of this injustice, I'm going to take it. Ergodan has made a public statement in response to the protesters, calling them just "a few bums", and denouncing social media networks, calling them the greatest plague of humanity. It clearly had more to do with social media's role in the rapid nationwide (and worldwide) awareness of the situation, causing support to grow exponentially faster than it ever could have in the past.

Ergodan claims the protests are the partisan stunts of his political enemies, but the protesters have ranged across the entire political spectrum. Soccer players, doctors, old, young, bakers, dentists, students, business owners, and even soldiers have united against Ergodan's government to call for his resignation.

The Turkish people deserve our support, and they deserve to be heard around the world since they are not being heard in their own country. Though our situations are worlds apart, we can still learn something from people who are willing to unite despite their differences to defeat whatever it is that threatens their democratic freedom.

Please spread awareness of the events happening now in Istanbul. The picture above is inspiring, but here is a link to some of the more heart-shattering photos of this situation: ALBUM -- WARNING: SOME GORE



May 31 - Sun Ghost w/ Midnight Vitals, Ladylike & Orphans

us at the "La Di Da"
music video shoot
Hey everybody--

I got engaged over the weekend to my lovely Ashley. She's the best person I know, someone I look up to, and a total inspiration. Now enough gooey stuff. We've got a comeback show to play.


Friday, May 31
Sun Ghost w/ Midnight Vitals, Ladylike & Orphans